Pre-Sales Services

ESISPOWER 's pre-sales service solutions are developed to welcome every customer's specific support requirements by providing local customers with access to certified technical staff support to make all imperative pre-sales inspections and metage to identify the actual product and power requirement of the customers. All these processes in foreign market are carried out by the help of local service points or remote technical inspections &interviews via technical and language skilled sales staff to take all obligatory detailed information. After evaluations in accordance with all these data reports collected in relevant departments, the most proper and economical solutions are offered.

After Sales Services

Device Technical Support provides customers with worldwide access around the daytime to ESISPOWER's support specialists by some amount of phone lines. Where Esispower has network of service organization provides local on-site support and access to spare part for installation, commissioning or maintenance. In the absence of any local service point, Esispower maintains these services by means of both remote redirections with the aid of technical documents and means of technical trainings to the technical staff of customers. In the event of all these applications are unproductive, Esispower orientates its experienced experts fully equipped with all necessary spare parts, to the customer to service for on-time solutions?

Maintenance Service Agreements

Sometimes it’s observed to encounter with problems on devices due to misusage despite periodic maintenance.

Maintenance Service Agreements for warranty expired devices are issued to take necessary measures in order to prevent malfunction and to make periodic maintenance by the aim of extending the life-time of the devices.

There are two kinds of agreements recommended

1. Parts Included: 

According to this contract periodic maintenance is fulfilled per year for the 3-4 ages of devices.

In the event of a malfunction, our technical service supervises and maintains the device completely free of charge including part replacement.

Maintenance fees for customer based failures only are charged to the customer.

Batteries which are consumable items are not covered by this contract.

2. Parts Excluded:

According to this contract periodic maintenance is carried out per year for the 3-4 age of devices

In the event of a malfunction, our technical service maintains the device against payment of part replacement only