24V Battery 10kVA Offline UPS

24V Battery 10kVA Offline UPS



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Technical Specifications

Product Introduction

24V battery 10kVA Offline UPS

Offline Uninterruptible Power Supply with 24Vdc inverter.

When the mainsare available, charging the batteries connected to it and mains transfered to output via the network bypass line.

In the event ofa mains failure,inverter start operating and loads transfred  to inverter through static switch when it runs out their batteries, if desired, can be connected to an external 24Vdc source.


DC Input

Voltage: 24Vdc

Tolerance: 20 - 28V

ACBypass Input

Voltage: 220Vac

Tolerance: ± 10%

Frequency: 50Hz


Power: 7.5kW (Elit7524) and 5kW (Elit5024)

Voltage: 220Vac

Tolerance: ± 10% (bypass operation) ± 1% (inverter operation)

Frequency: 50 Hz

Tolerance: ± 3%

Waveform: Pure Sine Wave


Cooling: Forced cooling with fan

Operating Temperature: 0 ° C ... 40 ° C (at 100% load)


Cooling: Fan forced

Operating Temperature: 0 ° C ... 40 ° C (100% load)

Indicators: Sequential LED (during  mains supply load percentage ,during mains failure  battery level)

Protections:Input and output fuses are available with the electronic protection. Over- heat, over-load, input tolerance, and short-circuit protection

Processor Type: DSP

Dimensions (W x D x H): 445mm x 500mm x 525mm (19 "suitable for installation)

Weight: 60kg (5kW), 70kg (7.5kW)