0,6 - 1,5kVA Line Interactive

1 - 3kVA Online

5 - 20kVA Online (with transformer)

5 - 20kVA Online (PFC available)

1-10kVA Rack Type Online UPS

30 - 300kVA Online (with transformer)

30 - 800kVA Online (PFC available)

10-640 UPS Modular UPS

ATLAS 215 Model 15kVA 3-1 Phase

ATLAS 215 Model 15kVA 3-1 Phase


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Technical Specifications

Output transformer for galvanic isolation

Static by-pass through the utility at overload or UPS breakdown

Load, battey state and detailed information including advanced LCD front panel

RS232 and dry contact output

Product Introduction

ATLAS 200 Series Online UPSs protect monophase critical loads against utility failures and irregular voltage cases where you have three phase electricity. They produce pure sinewave output via microprocessor controlled, manufactured with the state of the art PWM and IGBT technology. Galvanic isolation transformer, parallel operability, communication ports are available in the standard models. Industrial automation, integrated facilites, building security automation, medical, communication and laborotory equipments, etc. are the main fields of use with a proved reliable high technology.