0,6 - 1,5kVA Line Interactive

1 - 3kVA Online

5 - 20kVA Online (with transformer)

5 - 20kVA Online (PFC available)

1-10kVA Rack Type Online UPS

30 - 300kVA Online (with transformer)

30 - 800kVA Online (PFC available)

10-640 UPS Modular UPS

EGE 103 KT Model 3KVA 1-1 Phase

EGE 103 KT Model 3KVA 1-1 Phase



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Technical Specifications

Microprocessor controlled high reliability

True-online design

Energy efficiency with power factor correction

Wide input voltage range

Battery operation alert, manual alert cancellation

Optional long battery backup

Automatic start repetition and battery-connected operation (cold-start)

USB connection (optional)

Standard RS232 port and intelligent UPS monitoring software

SNMP (optional)

Self-test feature when switched on

Developed protection functions

Frequency distortion and over voltage protection

Short circuit protection

Load and battery capacity display

Product Introduction

ESİS EGE 100 Series produced with PWM and IGBT technology provide sinusodial waveform output and contains advanced communication options. These series are 1 Phase input, 1 Phase output online UPS. ESIS EGE Series manufactured in different power ranges,are used to supply vital important equipments such as medical analysis equipments, operating rooms in hospitals, ultrasound equipments, security systems, all kinds of automation systems, computer networks and communication systems.Thanks to higher protection providing technology,EGE series protect  them from problems of utility failures and irregular voltage.

High frequency online EGE 100 1-10kVA series have a high stability and reliability which was designed by ESIS company according to international power grid environment and network system requirements. Its excellent quality and perfect usability provide a safe reliable guarantee computer network system and realize overall protection to user devices.