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Technical Specifications

Product Introduction

A power inverter is an converter that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). By using appropriate transformers, switching, and control circuits , AC Current  can be converterd at any required voltage.

Inverters are devices converting 12,24,48 and 110 VDC  battery voltage into 220 VAC 50Hz. Inverters do not produce energy but convert DC (Direct Current) to AC voltage (Alternating Current) on their own.

The inverter operated the opposite function of a rectifier.

Inverter Types

· Square wave

· Modified sine wave

· Multilevel

· Pure sine wave

· Resonant

· Grid tie

· Synonous

· Stand-alone

· Solar

· Solar micro

· Air conditioner


Inverters with high DC voltage input range is developed for use in renewable energy applications. Inverters is generally used in  wind  and solar energy applications, sea and land transportation vehicles, in the fields lacking main energy sources, GSM and other communication applications and energy storage applications (spare energy), etc. .