0,6 - 1,5kVA Line Interactive

1 - 3kVA Online

5 - 20kVA Online (with transformer)

5 - 20kVA Online (PFC available)

1-10kVA Rack Type Online UPS

30 - 300kVA Online (with transformer)

30 - 800kVA Online (PFC available)

10-640 UPS Modular UPS

MAY 650 Model 650VA 1-1 Phase

MAY 650 Model 650VA 1-1 Phase


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Technical Specifications

Microprocessor controlled

Voltage regulation capability

Extensive input voltage range

High/Low voltage protection, overload/short circuit protection

Operation over battery on mains fails

Continuous charging when UPS off

Automatic Restart

Operation over battery,buzzer in case of empty battery

Smart battery management

Easy to use

Low noise level

Product Introduction

ESIS MAY series UPS use Line-Interactive topology and is generally used for home or small office applications. ESIS MAY Series UPS transfer existing network power to load and charge the batteries at same time. When the electric is cut off Inverter will work immediately and load will be fed from the batteries without any interruption.

Back up time is standard and cannot be increased by adding new batteries. The batteries inside UPS are maintenance free. They are very silent due to working without fan. These UPS are microprocessor controlled, fully automatic and easy to use. These Series have lower power consumption due to their high efficiency therefore they are eco-friendly devices.