Company Profile

Company Profile
has been setup in 2000 with the purpose of providing High Quality and Customized solutions to her Customers under Management of three Engineers who had more than 20 years professional background in Power Electronic sector. 
The production adventure of ESIS POWER starting in 2000 by producing Inverter and Rectifier systems, has been developed by her own Research and Development department and made ESIS POWER is ONE OF THE 3 BIGGEST MANUFACTURER of TURKEY in Power Electronic sector today.
The main product portfolio of ESIS POWER today consist of;
Uninterruptible Power Supply system’s up to 800KVA
On Grid and Off Grid Inverter systems
Rectifiers / Battery Chargers
Frequency Converters
Servo and Static type Voltage Stabilizers
As a REAL MANUFACTURER, ESIS POWER does not only provide High Quality products but also provide Engineering Solutions for her Customers in Domestic and International area. This capability makes ESIS POWER is one of the main Engineering Solution supplier of International Contractor Companies like SIEMENS (Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) ABB etc.
Presently, ESIS POWER continue to provide her Products, Engineering Solutions and After Sales Service for the Customers in more than 40 Countries all over the World through her Business partners. 
The main philosophy of ESIS POWER is to provide her products and service to create additional values first for her Customers and Business partners by always considering the ethical principles and rights of her competitors in Business area.
ESIS POWER would be always proud of being a part of your happiness and life today and in future.