Warranty Policy


Standard warranty period of devices manufactured by our company begins with the issuing of the invoice and the devices are under 12 (twelve) months of warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Contact our company for additional warranty requests.
If the product fails during the warranty period, it will be repaired within scope of the warranty.
Warranty is not valid for the following conditions.
·         Devices were not installed according to the manual and instructions within operating conditions
·         Device was tampered by unauthorized individuals for repair, etc.
·         Problems due to environmental factors (natural disasters, lightning, flood, undervoltage or overvoltage, etc.)
·         Damages due to careless and incorrect use
·         Erased/scraped device serial number
·         Exposure to impact or fluids
Faults due to usage contradictory with the instructions in the manual are out of the warranty scope. In such cases, reinstallation, loading, labor costs and expenses, etc. that may arise during repair/replacement of the product are not covered by the warranty.
If the device fails during the warranty period, spare parts will not be charged. However, service fee and travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the customer.
Warranty period of the product or part replaced during the period is limited to the warranty period set at the moment of purchasing.
Validity of the warranty depends on environmental and physical conditions during use as specified in the manual and instructions.
Manufacturer or related suppliers and service stations cannot be held responsible in any way for any direct or indirect damages caused by the uninterrupted power supply unit’s failure to operate or incorrect operation.