Environmental Policy


While providing added value to our country’s economy, Esis Enerji has accepted it as an environmental policy to control environmental impacts in accordance with national / international norms and legal requirements, to produce environmentally friendly products by continuously improving our environmental performance, and to provide a livable clean environment for future generations.
To achieve this goal:

·        Continuous development and improvement are ensured by following all legal requirements of the environment.
·        The environmental impacts are taken into consideration in the design and production processes.
·        Our environmental management system is developed to continuously improve our environmental performance.
·        All of our employees and suppliers are informed about our responsibilities towards the environment and they are encouraged to participate in the process.
·        Recycling and reprocessing options are evaluated to prevent environmental pollution by reducing wastes that can result from production, transportation, storage, operation and maintenance activities.
·        Health, safety and environmental integrity are created by reducing the emergency risks that may arise in the context of occupational health and safety regulations.
Our company promises to provide products and services that are in line with the needs and expectations of our customers in Turkey and abroad, in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Management System and with national and international legal requirements, and to use the natural resources most efficiently and to release the least amount of waste material. 
                                                                                                                          Uğur BÖREKCİ
                                                                  General Manager