Power Determination
This is the estimation and consultancy service we offer our customers who have electrical problems and require expert advice.
Our expert technical team, directed by the sales group, discuss with the customer to get detailed information and make measurements at the place of problem if necessary. Upon these measurements and also considering customer’s expectations, the most economical solution is developed. These results are handed over as a report to the person in sales group who placed the request.
Special Power Solutions Project Consultancy Services
We have been carrying out appropriate R&D studies, design, production, factory and field tests and training services for many years with our experienced and expert project managers and staff especially in defense, shipyard and transportation industries that require special UPS units, rectifiers, inverters and converters.
Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained in special projects, we are at your service with solutions that will ensure the smooth and timely completion of your projects.
When our sold solutions are commissioned by expert technical service personnel after appropriate installation infrastructure is prepared by the customers. All of our products, commissioned by authorized personnel, are subject to 2-year warranty and 10-year spare parts warranty against material and workmanship defects under consumer legislation.
After Sale Services
The products that you have purchased from our company are under the warranty of our company for 24 months against material and workmanship defects.  Regardless of the scope of warranty, faulty devices from our customers are repaired and brought back to operating state in the shortest possible time.
Depending on the size of the device and the type of malfunction, if necessary, all defects of the device will be repaired at our technical service station or at the customer’s site if necessary.
Maintenance Agreement Services:
Maintenance Agreements are intended to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the devices with expired warranty are not damaged and to extend their economic life by periodically servicing the devices.
Within the scope of the maintenance agreement, the devices pass through maintenance twice a year and our customers are entitled to unlimited calls in case of malfunction.  In the event of device malfunction due to device or use errors despite periodical maintenance, your devices are handled as soon as possible and the problem is solved. There are two types of agreements that we offer to our customers.
1. Including Parts:
Within the scope of this agreement, 2 periodical maintenances are performed to the devices annually.
In the event of malfunction of the equipment covered by the maintenance agreement, our technical service will intervene as soon as possible. No fees will be charged for spare parts used in this intervention. If the device is used outside of the conditions stated in the manual and instructions and in case of malfunction due to user error, the cost of the part belongs to the customer.
As batteries are consumable goods, they are not covered by this agreement.
2. Excluding Parts:
Within the scope of this agreement, 2 periodical maintenances are performed to the devices annually.
In the event of malfunction of the equipment covered by the maintenance agreement, our technical service will intervene as soon as possible. Only the part fee will be requested in this intervention.
Battery Change Service
Batteries are the most critical elements of UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems. However, batteries have a limited service life that depend on their design and operating conditions.
Failure of even a single battery in your system can cause your whole system to fail, your critical loads not to be protected, your business flow to be interrupted, and data, time and manpower loss.
By having the battery checks of your systems carried out by ESİS authorized technical personnel and services, you can detect malfunctioning batteries and protect your business flow by receiving replacement service.
Battery Recycling Service
Today, due to the increase in the use of electronic devices, a large amount of electronic waste is generated and this waste is an important threat to the environment if they are not appropriately disposed of. Electronic waste is the most important waste due to its battery content and should be disposed of in the most appropriate way.
You can help reduce emission of harmful wastes by making decisions in the awareness of environmental responsibility when your batteries reach the end of their service life.
As ESİS Energy, we ensure that your batteries which have reached the end of their service life are disposed of with environmental responsibility and in accordance with the Waste Battery Directive.If you would like to know more about battery replacement and recycling, please contact us.